Group Training

Group Training in a team setting
Group Training "Summer Skills Built Over the Winter!"


These Group Training workouts will be fun practices focusing on baseball skills.  "Have fun playing the game while working hard and improving skills!!!"

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The Baseball Academy offers group training, usually where your athlete can prepare for the upcoming season in a team setting.  The "Group Training" focuses on all baseball skills while they compete in fun competitions and games in a team like setting.  They will work hard, learn and have fun!!!   They practice like a team learning proper stretching and warmup activities.  They focus on hitting, proper stance, load, contact point and follow through.  They will work on athletic stance to receive a baseball, the proper grip and proper throwing form.  The athletes will learn the approach to a ground ball, foot work and glove work.  The athletes will also work on baserunning, taking leads, diving back, the figure 4 slide and pop up slide.  All of this is done in our 5000 square foot indoor baseball facility.   After mastering a skill they will practice that skill in fun competitions.  Academy training groups are smaller and will focus on progression and advancement of personal skills.  The fee is $300 per session.

Winter session Jan 3 to Feb 11 ///Spring session to February 14th to March 17th

Hitting, pitching, conditioning


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