Our Facilities are exclusively dedicated to Baseball!!!

Established in 2004
Exciting things are happening at the Baseball Academy.  A merger with 5 Star Athletics allows us to better serve your athletes.  Professional Coaching, competitive teams and the best baseball in the area!!!
10U NH Diamond Devils play a 20 game schedule (On Sundays in the spring so as not to conflict with Cal Ripken and Little League with twice a week off season winter training to prepare you for a great spring

11U NH Diamond Devils play 20 game schedule (On Sundays in the spring so as not to conflict with local leagues) and twice a week winter training/off season training

12U NH Diamond Devils Twice a week winter training, 30 game schedule (On Sundays so as not to conflict with local leagues) This is the Southern New Hampshire All Star Team.

13U NH Knights Twice a week winter training, 30 game schedule we play our home games at Academy Field in Hollis and a travel tournament

14U NH Knights Twice a week winter training includes flexible times for your convenience, 30 game schedule in the Spring and Summer with home games at Academy Field and a travel tourney


All ages are effective May 1st 2017.  Please contact Coach Loftus if you have questions.  nashuabaseballacademy@comcast.net

**The Baseball Academy Advantage **

5 Reasons why the Baseball Academy is the best choice

1. The Baseball...we focus on fundamentals and our teams play the right way.  We honor "old school" systems that are proven to work time and time again.  We teach respect for the game and respect the game ourselves.  We don't just say we do it right, we actually do it the right way.  From baseball lessons to life's lessons we teach baseball skills and "real world" integrity.  We've been doing it the longest, we must be doing something right!
2.  We control our own fields so there are more home games and less windshield time and travel.  Academy Field is our own field dedicated exclusively to our program.  No  fighting for fields and practice times.  We also have a working relationship with town fields and we most often play at home.  
3.  Our indoor facility is dedicated exclusively to baseball and our programs.  We don't share our facility with other sports.  It is a baseball facility about baseball, for baseball.  Because of that we can offer unique teaching experiences that include our "flex schedule"...have a real conflict with a winter sport, school or church event? You can choose a different time to attend your winter training!!!  Need a private lesson?  Our lessons are literally private and their is no other noise or distractions.  
4.  Professional coaching with a mature attitude...Coach Loftus is an educator and has been coaching baseball a long time (27 seasons)...he is focused when it comes to fundamentals and teaching the game,  instilling the same in his players.  Athletes learn "advanced basics" while having fun,  learning to respect the game, respect one another and becoming good young adults and good young citizens.  We don't just talk about committment, we actuaully are committed to our team, leagues and the league playoffs we are involved in.  
5.   We encourage supplemental participation with school baseball and local town baseball.  We work very hard to schedule so as not to conflict with school ball and town ball.  School ball is the priority and AAU comes next.  Additionally, town ball is respected and not overlooked.  We would never "save pitching" from a school team and we would never say miss a town game for an AAU practice.   We believe teams need to work together and not adverserialy in the best interest of atheletes.  We work together with school coaches and town coaches and have a working relationship with all programs.  

14U New Hampshire Knights Qualify for 2016 New England Regional Playoffs

The 14U NH Knights have qualified for the AAU New England Regional Playoffs.  The team is playing in the Regionals for the 3rd consecutive year.  Congratulations to the Knights.  The Team is led by Mason Matylewski, Matt Thibault, Nate Sartell, Nick Beck, Liam Scanlon, Jack Goodwin, Brian Ascani,  Ethan Chaco, Ryan Frechette, Andres Hulfachor, Brandon Shaw and Kyle Boucher.  Go Knights!!!  

The Baseball Academy is the Home of the New Hampshire Knights and the New Hampshire Diamond Devils Baseball Clubs.   The NH Knights ages 13 through 19 and the NH Diamond Devils are Ages 8 through 12.  

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Ages 13 to 19
New Hampshire Knights AAU Baseball Clubs

Ages 13 to 19 the Knights offer competitive play, year round off season training and a chance to play against the best! Please see the Knights page for details

Visit the NH Knights and NH Diamond Devils website
Ages 10 to 12
New Hampshire Diamond Devils AAU Baseball Clubs

Ages 10 to 12, The Diamond Devils are our 12 and under program. We play spring and summer in the NEAAU league. We are local league friendly and you are encouraged to compete on your local "Rec" teams while also competing with us! See the Diamond Devils page for details.

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